Improving Health and Wellbeing

NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group’s main purpose is to improve and the health and wellbeing of south east London people. We will do that by:

  • Ensuring that the services we commission for local people are high quality, safe and accessible.
  • Working with our partners across health and social care, including those in the voluntary and independent sectors, to plan and improve services.
  • Ensuring there are effective relationships with organisations that deliver care, so it is joined up in ways that are in the best interests of those using these services.
  • Making sure that the money we receive from the Government is used to provide the right services, to the right people and at the right time.

As our population continues to grow and age, we will see an increase in demand for health and social care services, as more people live for longer with pre-existing and often long term conditions.

Today, there is unacceptable variation in the care people experience across our six boroughs in terms of its quality, ease of access and the outcomes experienced.  We will take a concerted and targeted approach to improve how care is delivered, tackling variations in quality and outcomes that will reduce inequalities.  We will do this by making our services more joined up and easier to use, which in turn will make them more cost-effective to run.

Our priorities are to support work underway within south east London to improve the care and services people use in the community or when they need urgent medical help, sometimes in an emergency.  We want to ensure that people who have health conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses and diabetes experience better services and outcomes.  At the same time, we want to see improvements in the quality and consistency of our maternity services, along with those for people of all ages with a mental health condition and/or learning disability and autism.