Travelling Abroad

If you are going abroad for less than three months:​

  • Medication required for a pre-existing condition should be provided in a sufficient quantity. Most prescriptions will cover holiday periods but if a repeat is due during the trip, the GP may be able to give an early repeat (usually one month and no more than three months).​
  • Where medication requires frequent monitoring (i.e. blood tests, blood pressure etc.), it may not be appropriate for the GP to prescribe for extended periods. Providing a prescription for a longer period is at the GPs discretion.​
  • Patients may require a letter stating the drug name and condition it is being taken for to prove medicines are for medical use to the patient. This is at the GP’s discretion and may be charged for. Further information can be found here.​

Visiting or Moving to England​

  • Advice about using the NHS if you’re planning to visit or move to England can be found here