Primary care rebate schemes (PCRS) are contractual arrangements offered by pharmaceutical companies, or third party companies, which offer retrospective financial rebates to NHS South East London on GP prescribing expenditure for particular branded medicine(s).​

The availability of a scheme does not influence the inclusion of specific medicines in care pathways or formularies. Entering into a rebate does not constitute endorsement by NHS South East London of that product. We are unable to publish the full details of the PCRS because this information is commercially sensitive. Health professionals should always base their prescribing decisions primarily on assessments of their individual patients’ clinical circumstances. ​

There are a number of PCRS available. NHS South East London is signed up to the following PCRS:

Companies InvolvedMedicines coveredBorough/ NHS SEL Wide
ChiesiClenil rebateNHS South East London
ChiesiFostair NEXTHalerNHS South East London
ChiesiFostair MDINHS South East London
EthypharmEspranor rebateNHS South East London
Merck Serono LimitedGlucophage rebateNHS South East London
EthyPharmPhyseptoneNHS South East London
TakedaProstapNHS South East London
FontusAproderm emollients and barrier creamsNHS South East London
AbbotFlash Glucose Monitoring Freestyle LibreNHS South East London
Rhodes PharmaStocareNHS South East London