Integrated Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation (IPMO)

In August 2018 NHS England and NHS Improvement announced the launch of a pilot programme, supported by the Pharmacy Integration Fund, to develop and test a core set of principles to Integrate NHS Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation (IPMO) into Sustainability & Transformation Partnerships (STPs) or Integrated Care Systems (ICSs).​

The programme was developed to explore how to integrate medicine optimisation and pharmacy activities into every aspect of their work so that medicine and pharmacy functions are integral to all care settings and medicine optimisation is part of every patient-caring role as well as being the responsibility of pharmacy professionals.​

IPMO provides a framework to align national and local priorities across the NHS and  reduce variation in care pathways. For more information read the Our Healthier South East London – Systems Leadership: Integrating NHS pharmacy and medicines optimisation into Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Integrated Care Systems Pilot briefing pack.