Individual Funding Requests

An Individual Funding Request (IFR) is a request to fund a healthcare intervention that falls out of the range of services and treatments that the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has agreed to commission.​

Funding requests can be made on the basis of exceptionality – where the patient is suffering from a presenting medical condition for which the CCG has a policy but where the requested treatment has not been agreed to be funded under the policy or rarity and the patient would gain more clinical benefit from the treatment from other with the same diagnosis, or rarity – where a patient has a very rare clinical condition and no commissioning policy exists because the low probability of the condition occurring among the CCG’s population means that an explicit policy is not warranted.​

If your treating clinician thinks that you would benefit from an intervention that is not routinely funded by the CCG, they should submit an IFR for consideration. ​

Further information and guidance on how to apply for an IFR is available on the Individual Funding Request section of our website.