Dr. Atul Sharma, Greenwich GP and Clinical Director, Unity PCN

Dr Atul Sharma runs a GP practice in Plumstead, part of a wider primary care network (PCN) in Greenwich. Dr Sharma’s surgery is in one of the most deprived and diverse areas of the borough. He is extremely proud of what he, his colleagues Dr Chaturvedi and Ms Oneda Sulaj, and their team achieved:

“We have been vaccinating local people since 14th December last year – for three months in spring we were working seven days a week. We never closed, with the same team working throughout. We are all motivated to keep people safe, and I am so proud of the whole team for what they have achieved. We worked with a neighbouring PCN, as well as local voluntary, religious and community groups, which has been a real highlight for me.

“We ran a number of satellite clinics, including in a Nepalese temple and a local predominantly Nigerian church. We were welcomed by the people we met there, some of whom are not registered with any GP, and who have felt neglected by health and care services in the past. Reaching out into the community like this meant we were able to look after all parts of society, and engage deeply with our communities. I am so keen to build on this and continue this work to improve health outcomes for the people we serve here.

“I am so grateful to everyone that we worked with: volunteers, local Councillors, health authority, social services and my own staff at the practice. And I am really proud of all that we have achieved – we have not stopped! We helped pilot and train the school vaccination teams in September, and are already at 95% for boosters in care homes in the borough thanks to one of the practices in our PCN.”