Anoush Kendrick, vaccinator, Bromley

I am a trained dancer/singer, and before the outbreak of Covid I was working in Hong Kong Disneyland as a lead singer in one of the live shows. I performed up to six shows a day singing as Disney Princesses, it was a dream job.

When Covid hit and I was sent back to the UK, I decided to apply to become a vaccinator as I realised theatre would be paused for some time. I was really keen to do something useful and worthwhile in the pandemic and I feel very lucky that I managed to secure a job with so many in my profession out of work. I have found vaccinating extremely rewarding and I especially love the fact I am working in my own community and contributing to the vaccine rollout in my hometown. I have been very fortunate to have been welcomed by all the staff at Kings and been made to feel a key member of their team. I am so lucky to work with such a lovely group of people and I am really going to miss them all when the vaccine programme comes to an end.