One year on case studies

One year on from the first COVID-19 vaccination, we are thanking and celebrating the work of the staff, volunteers, partners and community groups who have been crucial to its success.

Click below to read stories from some of the people behind our vaccination programme.

Lyn Wheeler, first person to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in south east London

Lyn Wheeler was one of the first people in the country to receive the Pfizer vaccine on 8 December 2020 at Guy’s hospital, where she also met Boris Johnson.

“Being one of the first people in the country to be vaccinated gave me the chance to show other people that they didn’t need to be afraid of vaccination. I was proud to do it and to play my part.”

Amrit Aujla, Senior Care home Practice Pharmacist, Bromleag Care Practice/Bromley GP Alliance Ltd

Amrit, a clinical pharmacist in Bromley, has worked tirelessly to vaccinate care home residents in the borough.

“We spent New Year’s Eve vaccinating one of the biggest care homes in the borough… It was a huge job but it was an honour to help vaccinate some of our most vulnerable patients.”

Anoush Kendrick, vaccinator, Bromley

Anoush is a trained dancer/singer, who decided to swap performing as a Disney Princess in Hong Kong Disneyland for working as a vaccinator in Bromley.

“I have found vaccinating extremely rewarding and I especially love the fact I am working in my own community and contributing to the vaccine rollout in my hometown.”

Dr. Atul Sharma, Greenwich GP and Clinical Director, Unity PCN

Dr Atul Sharma runs a GP practice in Plumstead, one of the most deprived and diverse areas of the borough.

“We are all motivated to keep people safe, and I am so proud of the whole team for what they have achieved. Reaching out into the community like this meant we were able to look after all parts of society, and engage deeply with our communities.”