Booster Vaccinations

Boost your immunity with the flu and COVID-19 vaccinations

Vaccines have helped us build a wall of defence and return to a more normal way of life – everyone eligible should boost their immunity with COVID-19 booster vaccines and flu vaccines.

Being vaccinated against flu and COVID-19 means protecting yourself so you can be there for your family, friends, and those you care for.

COVID-19 booster

The COVID-19 booster is an additional vaccine dose for those who have previously received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. It helps give you longer-term protection against getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

If you are eligible, you can pre-book your COVID-19 booster dose online if it’s been 2 months (61 days) since you had your 2nd dose. You’ll be offered appointment dates from 3 months after the date of your 2nd dose.

See below for a summary of who is eligible for the COVID-19 booster dose:

Winter flu vaccine

The flu vaccine is a safe and effective vaccine. It’s offered every year on the NHS to help protect people at risk of getting seriously ill from flu. The best time to have the flu vaccine is in the autumn or early winter before flu starts spreading. But you can get the vaccine later.

Many patients who are eligible for a COVID-19 booster will also be eligible for a FREE flu jab. If you are offered both the COVID-19 booster and flu vaccines, it’s safe to have them at the same time.

You can have the NHS flu vaccine at: your GP surgery, a pharmacy offering the service, your midwifery service if you’re pregnant, a hospital appointment. If you do not have your flu vaccine at your GP surgery, you do not have to tell the surgery. This will be done for you.

Receiving your flu vaccine if you’re not registered with a GP

All patients can access the flu vaccine regardless of immigration status, GP registration, or the ability to provide documentation, including proof of address. Patient information following a flu vaccine will not be shared with the Home Office and immigration checks will also not be carried out.

You cannot be refused the vaccine if you are not registered with a GP, however a registration is encouraged for you to access health services. To access your flu vaccine please visit any of the community pharmacies listed on this page.

Keeping well this winter

Cold weather can make some health problems worse and even lead to serious complications, especially if you are 65 or older, or if you have a long-term health condition.

Head to to learn more about how you can keep well this winter.