Two million jabs received in south east London as Covid-19 vaccine confidence grows

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South east London, home to nearly 2 million people, has reached the milestone of giving its two millionth jab made up of first and second vaccinations. Our Healthier South East London Integrated Care System (ICS), which brings together NHS statutory organisations, borough councils, general practice and other non-statutory bodies has coordinated the vaccine rollout across Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham, and Southwark. 

Vaccine confidence and information you can trust

To ensure more people come forward Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) Integrated Care System has launched an information resource which answers common questions local people have about the vaccine. As well as creating the vaccine facts resource, Our Healthier South East London have also launched a three-month partnership with Colourful Radio station, the UK’s biggest black radio station, in association with Ethnic Multi-Cultural Radio partnership, in order to reach new audiences. Colourful are running adverts supporting the vaccine facts resource, as well as hosting on-air DJ read-outs and have interviewed three local clinicians.

Working together with local radio

Mr. Kofi Kusitor MBE, founder and Exec Producer at Colourful, said: “As is the case with an event as major and devastating in so many ways, the only way to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic is by standing together, working together, encouraging one another, so together we can fight the virus. And as we’ve seen, this applies not just to individuals but also to public and private commercial organisations. That’s why we are delighted to support Our Healthier South East London Integrated Health System in this campaign. Together, we will prevail against Covid-19.”

As well as enlisting the support of Colourful Radio, OHSEL is also now running adverts on Select Radio, Rainbow Radio and Maritime Radio in order to reach more south east Londoners.

Get vaccinated at a local walk-in service near you

If you haven’t had your COVID vaccination yet, you can get vaccinated at one of many daily walk-in vaccination services available across south east London.

The NHS are working hard with partners to ensure that the vaccine is easy to access for those who need it most.

We have services in operation at pharmacies, pop up tents, hospitals, health centres, sports stadiums, parks, buses, places of worship, housing estates and community centres. Go to for more details.