Help us to help you this winter in Bromley

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Bromley health and care staff are urging residents to take good care of themselves this winter and seek medical help early when they need it.   A new Bromley winter health leaflet is now available providing some top tips for staying well and where to go when you need help.  This will be distributed to Bromley households over November and December and is also available online.  

Dr Angela Bhan, Public Health Consultant and Borough Director for NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group (Bromley) said, “Please help us to help you this winter and speak to a pharmacist, GP practice or visit for urgent but not life-threatening medical issues. 

With more people predicted to suffer from flu this year and nationally hospitals already treating an increased number of patients with COVID-19, NHS 111 online offers an alternative way to get immediate medical advice.  Data from September showed that the NHS was already experiencing record demand for emergency services, with ambulances responding to 76,000 life-threatening incidents and call handlers taking more than one million 999 calls”.   

Dr Jon Doyle, Bromley GP said, “Winter is always tough on health and care services, but this year it will be a winter like no other.  We have flu and COVID-19 circulating and respiratory infections are always more common in the colder months.  Please help us to help you this winter and have any winter vaccinations you are due.  Vaccines are our first line of defence against these viruses, so it is vital you have your COVID-19 and flu vaccination (if eligible) to protect you and your family”.

Dr Nada Lemic, Director of Public Health for Bromley said, “As we spend more time together indoors during the colder months, the risk of passing infections onto other people is much higher.   Please help us to help you this winter by having your vaccinations and continuing with frequent handwashing, good ventilation, wearing face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces and social distancing”.  

Caroline Ryden, Respiratory Nurse at Bromley Healthcare said, “Self-care is even more important in the winter months. Darker days and a drop in temperature can affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Help yourself by eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, getting plenty of good quality sleep and doing activities that make you feel happy.  If you need help or advice with your mental wellbeing, please visit for more information”.  

These requests come as the country prepares to mark national self-care week (15-21 November).  In Bromley there is an exciting programme of self-care events available to all – both online and face to face.  This includes free activities, information sessions and tips for self-care.  Sue Potter, Information Manager at Bromley Well said, “We have some really helpful events planned for self-care week in Bromley including opportunities to meet Bromley doctors, pharmacists and health experts. This is a great chance to get their advice on winter health.  Everyone is welcome”. 

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