Working with you on our plans – recovery in Southwark

Our vision: to enable every part of the health and care system in Southwark to make the borough an amazing place to be born, live a full, healthy life and spend one’s final years.

In September 2020, the Partnership Southwark recovery plan was approved by NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group and Southwark Council. Here you can read more about the background to the plan, the full version, the summary and also have your say on how it should be developed and brought to life.

Introducing the plan

Partnership Southwark was established in May 2019, building on our work to integrate care through local care networks. The partnership brought together a range of health and care organisations with a view to working together with non-statutory providers and service users/carers in our communities, to better join up services and support; tackle the causes of inequality; improve the health and wellbeing of Southwark residents. 

During 19/20, we started to develop programmes focused on children and young people, working age adults, frailty and care homes. While the partnership faced challenges in moving from concept to delivery, and transitioning from a focus on services to populations and communities – at the beginning of 2020 we were starting to lay strengthened foundations for our work as a partnership.

We paused Partnership Southwark arrangements in March 2020, so we could free up our partner organisations to focus on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  A lot of joint work continued based on our pre-existing relationships and COVID-19 response arrangements; however, we recognise that at times, there were gaps in our approach.

We have reflected on what is needed to stand the partnership back up through the lens of recovery – while COVID-19 has resulted in a new normal, the principles of integration and taking a population health approach hold strong.  We have therefore sought to re-frame our partnership priorities through a refreshed quadruple aim to deliver value based health and care.

We know that if we are to do right by the people of Southwark, we need to be committed to working in a partnership that works with and for our communities.  This will require us to be more agile, decisive and inclusive as a partnership, take a more targeted and outcomes oriented approach to addressing health and care inequalities at place and neighbourhood level, and explore new ways of working to improve access to the most vulnerable.

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Click here to download: the summary of the plan

Share your views

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As this work develops, we will be reaching out to community groups across the borough to try and work together to gather their views and listen to the concerns of people in Southwark. You can contact us at