SEL New to Practice Fellowship Programme – Salaried Portfolio Innovation Scheme (SPIN)

This two year nationally funded programme of support, learning and development is available to all newly qualified GPs and general practice nurses (GPNs), who hold a substantive role for four or more clinical sessions. With an explicit focus on working within and across a Primary Care Network, the SPIN component of the programme offers:

  • Introduction into permanent GP or GPN employment with portfolio opportunity for 2 years
  • Access to funding for 1-2 portfolio or CPD session per week and individual CPD budget

For a total of nine sessions (incl. clinical sessions), the set rate for the portfolio session reimbursement in south east London (SEL) is £10,500 for GPs and £5,500 for GPNs.

Directory of Portfolio Opportunities

The role descriptions of the available portfolio opportunities are listed below

The Southwark Team for Early Psychosis (STEP) is a borough wide community service working in Southwark with over 300 service users experiencing first episode psychosis. STEP work closely with a large multidisciplinary team to promote social inclusion and recovery. This is an exciting opportunity for a newly qualified fellow in Southwark to join the team and help improve the physical health of the service users.

Further information can be found in the role description.

Quay Health Solutions CIC (QHS) looks after three nursing homes and five residential homes in the London Borough of Southwark. This is an excellent opportunity for a newly qualified GP in Southwark to join the team and deliver all elements of primary care including geriatric medicine in a supportive and developmental environment.

Further information can be found in the role description.

HM Prison Brixton has a dedicated healthcare team who is passionate about helping the prison population to improve the long-term health of offenders and lower the rates of emergency hospital admissions. This is an exciting opportunity for a GP fellow to provide prison healthcare and work with a multi-disciplinary team to provide alcohol misuse support and tackle mental health issues.

Further information can be found in the role description.

Who can apply?

  • Newly qualified GPs or GPNs within 12 months of qualifying (or be up to 18 months post-training in the instances of maternity/adoption/parental leave) in substantive roles employed in the borough
  • Newly qualified GPNs undertaking the six-month fundamental course or the one year academic course
  • Participants may also be international recruits, where they meet the other criteria

To express interest or portfolio ideas, please contact the Training Hub in Southwark at

For any questions, please contact Parise Wiggins (the SEL Fellowship Programme Support) at