Our Partnership ambitions

Partnership Southwark paused its activity in March 2020 to free up our partner organisations to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. From June 2020, we reflected on the impact of the first wave of the pandemic and came together to shape our Partnership Southwark Recovery Plan (summary version available here), which was signed off by our partner organisations and the Health and Wellbeing Board in September 2020. Our Recovery Plan includes actions to ensure we safeguard our population from further waves of Covid-19, secure a safe return to service delivery in every care setting, and close the gap on the historical health, social and racial inequalities brought to the forefront by Covid-19.

Underpinning our Recovery Plan is our ‘quadruple aim’ to:

  • Improve population health and outcomes and reduce health inequalities
  • Enhance people’s experience of care services and reduce unwarranted variation in outcomes
  • Secure a financially sustainable health and care economy
  • Enable compassionate care and support the health and wellbeing of our staff

Our partner organisations had previously made significant progress in developing a neighbourhood-based model, and Partnership Southwark is building on this work collaboratively to offer a more joined-up approach to delivering care, services and support with and for local people.

We will develop neighbourhood networks to connect people and services as close to their home as possible, and make best use of the skills, resources and energy in local communities. Our Primary Care Networks (groups of GP practices working together) will be the building block for these networks and we will build on Southwark Council’s approach to empowering neighbourhoods and communities and the learnings from Southwark Stands Together

Within neighbourhoods we will bring together primary care, hospital and community mental and physical health services, social care, voluntary and community organisations, wider council services such as housing, leisure and education and people with lived experience to build strong relationships and resilient communities, and better join up care and support across organisational boundaries.

To see a timeline of what has been achieved so far click here.

Partnership Southwark’s work is divided between four population-based ‘workstreams’; to read more about how they operate click here.