How we work

Partnership Southwark’s work is divided between four population-based ‘workstreams’: Start Well, Live Well, Age Well and Care Well. Each of these are supported by a multi-agency leadership team from within the Partnership, our Partnership Southwark programme team and staff working in our partner organisations. Through these workstreams we engage with partners, stakeholders and service user, carer and community representatives to shape our plans and be involved in delivery.

Within these workstreams we are taking a targeted approach to level up inequalities in the borough. This requires us to:

  • identify and define the specific areas of inequality we need to close the gap on
  • identify which groups of people or communities are most impacted by these inequalities
  • work with local people to define what outcomes matter to them
  • co-produce solutions that are likely to have most impact and make a difference for individuals and communities.

For all these populations, there are some fundamental ‘golden threads’ we will deliver on as a partnership to support the greatest possible improvements in health and wellbeing:

To read more about our workstreams’ goals, how they are organised and what they are working on now please click here.