Care Well

Care Well supports those in care and residential settings and aims to:

safeguard and support residents of care and residential settings, providing personalised and proactive care”

The Care Well workstream is safeguarding and supporting people in care homes and residential settings providing personalised and proactive care through:

  1. A consistent and equitable model of care across all care homes, which is tailored to the population, size, and nature of homes
  2. Rapid support to care homes, managing Covid-19 outbreaks, prevention, and infection control
  3. An efficient infrastructure that has clear access points for different services/support and advice enabling timely responses
  4. Dedicated clinical and managerial support and a comprehensive team combining skills to prevent and manage resident deterioration and improve quality of life
  5. Working with residents and families to improve the model of care for people in care and residential settings.

You can see what the Care Well workstream are currently working on under ‘Care Well in action’ below.

The Care Well workstream currently includes:

  • Continued support working across organisational boundaries to roll out Covid-19 vaccinations, preparing and planning delivery of booster jabs in the Autumn
  • Pilot of the ‘Extensivist’ nursing role that coordinates care for the older people and physical disabilities care home population, and works as part of a integrated team to ensure the care provided matters to the person and their families
  • Further development of integrated working to ensure every care home resident is supported through a person-centred approach focusing on the needs of the individual with systematic and standardised processes
  • Shifting support into the community where possible, allowing continuity of care in a familiar setting and avoiding unnecessary hospital outpatient activity, delayed discharges and long stays for older people in hospital.

The Care Well Leadership Team are:

  • Rebecca Dallmeyer, Executive Director, Quay Health Solutions GP Federation
  • Tania Kalsi, Consultant Geriatrician, GSTT Integrated Care
  • Simon Rayner, Deputy Director of Adult Social Care, Southwark Council.