Volunteering to support services during COVID-19 in Lewisham

We have received an overwhelming response from Lewisham residents to support older and vulnerable people with their Covid vaccinations. We would like to thank everyone that has contacted us.

We now have enough volunteers to support the Covid vaccination sites across Lewisham.

If you are still interested in volunteering, your local hospital and local not for profit organisations are still looking for volunteers. Please see below for information about how you can get involved.

Lewisham Hospital

Lewisham Hospital is asking for volunteers to:

  • support their wards with answering telephones and contacting relatives
  • help with the collection of pharmacy supplies
  • support patients with telephone calls/facetime calls to relatives.

The hospital will shortly be opening a discharge lounge and volunteers will be needed to help staff with talking with patients, providing drinks and other support.

To register your interest in supporting your local hospital please visit the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust webpage.

Not for profit organisations

The voluntary or not for profit organisations in Lewisham are looking for volunteers to support people suffering from the impact of the pandemic. Volunteers may help with food poverty, digital exclusion and access to services and community groups.

To read more information about how you can help please see the list of volunteering opportunities available.

We would like to continue to thank everyone that has offered their support to help the NHS and local organisations respond to the Covid 19 pandemic.

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