Lambeth Together Strategic Board

The Lambeth Together Strategic Board fulfils three distinct functions for Lambeth’s health and social care system partners, known as Lambeth Together.

A place to take NHS commissioning decisions for Lambeth

Firstly, the Lambeth Together Strategic Board operates as a prime committee of NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), with executive powers delegated to it by the CCG’s governing body for planning and funding (commissioning) services in Lambeth, as part of the organisation’s overall commissioning plans for south east London. The board’s role is to ensure that decisions for locally delegated NHS commissioned services and functions are taken locally. This business takes place in Part B of the Lambeth Together Strategic Board’s meetings, with decisions being taken by NHS commissioners.    

The board is responsible for commissioning:

  • GP services
  • Community health services (for example district nursing)
  • Services for specific patient needs (for example in mental health and services for children and young people)
  • Medicines optimisation (for example making the best use of medicines to support community based care)
  • Continuing healthcare (for example for people with disabilities or people who are approaching the end of their lives)

For NHS commissioned services, the Lambeth Together Strategic Board is accountable to NHS South East London CCG’s Governing Body.

A place to take joint NHS and social care commissioning decisions for Lambeth

The second function of the Lambeth Together Strategic Board is as a Committee in Common with the London Borough of Lambeth for integrated commissioning across health and social care in Lambeth. This provides a formal way for Lambeth NHS commissioners and Lambeth social care commissioners to take joint decisions. This business is conducted in Part B of Lambeth Together Strategic Board meetings, with decisions being taken by NHS and social care commissioners.  

A place to develop Lambeth’s integrated care system for the future

Lastly, the Lambeth Together Strategic Board is a formal partnership for progressing joint priorities across NHS and social care commissioners and providers as well as with wider voluntary and community sector partners representing Lambeth health and care users. This business is dealt with in Part A of the meetings of Lambeth Together Strategic Board.

NHS South East London CCG values public views on health care across its six boroughs and we are committed to transparency in all areas of our governance.

Meetings of the Lambeth Together Strategic Board are held in public every two months. There is dedicated time to enable members of the public to ask questions at each meeting.

Due to Government advice, we are not currently able to hold our Lambeth Together Strategic Board meetings in public. However, you can still:

  1. Submit questions related to the agenda in writing before the meeting. These will be responded to at the meeting or in written form afterwards and made available on the Lambeth Together website. Please send them at least three days in advance of each meeting to
  2. Watch our meetings live through Microsoft Teams. Read our ‘How to’ guide below. Although we can’t meet in the usual way, we are committed to ensuring the public have access to us – and these meetings – at this time. Please do join the meeting ‘virtually’ or contact us by emailing  

Lambeth Together Public Forum  

We hold a forum for members of the public in the hour before every formal meeting of the Lambeth Together Strategic Board. This session doesn’t have an agenda or papers and is an open space for community groups and local people to start a conversation or ask a question about aspect of Lambeth’s health and care services – it doesn’t have to be a topic that is on the agenda of the formal meeting, and you don’t have to send in questions in advance. After the Public Forum you can choose to stay to view the formal meeting of Lambeth Together Strategic Board, or you can leave.