Working Together

Our Local Care Partnership is called Healthier Greenwich Alliance, which formally reports into the Health & Wellbeing Board. It brings together Greenwich partners in health and social care including:

  • NHS South East London CCG – Greenwich
  • Royal Borough of Greenwich – Public Health, Adults, Children & Young People
  • Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust – Community Services and Mental Health provider
  • Greenwich Health – GP Federation
  • Primary Care Network Clinical Directors
  • Healthwatch Greenwich
  • Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
  • METRO GAVS – voluntary sector

We have agreed the following priorities.

Working together in a joined-up way means we can coordinate services better. This will help residents to get the help they need when they need it.

We aim to:

  • Improve health and care services which meet local needs.
  • Empower people to take better care of their own health and reduce their dependency on services.
  • Provide support from health and care professionals who act as one team and work for organisations that behave as one system.
  • Improve performance of local services.
  • Reduce duplication. Enable more people to be cared for in the community.

Help shape how Greenwich’s health and care services recover

Covid-19 has affected nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Never before have our health and care services faced such an overwhelming challenge, or had to respond or adapt so quickly. Health and care services in Greenwich are working together through the Healthier Greenwich Alliance and have developed a draft recovery and reset plan which outlines how, over the next 18 months, we plan to work with local people to learn from Covid-19 and accelerate some of the positive changes put in place.

Please read through the executive summary of the draft plan and send your views on 4 key questions by completing our short survey. The partners are also keen for local residents to get involved in developing the details of the plan over the coming months.

If you would like more information you can read a more detailed summary of the draft plan. If you would like us to hold an online discussion about this or if you are part of a group who are meeting virtually and would find a discussion about this helpful please contact Russell Cartwright by email:      

Below, you can watch a video about ‘Integrated care in every community’