Future meetings

Click on the relevant date below to find the papers and meeting link. Papers shall be published one week in advance of the meeting.

Members of the public are able to attend meetings of the Greenwich Borough Based Board. Please see the dates below, which contain links with which you shall be able to access the papers and meeting links once they are available, which shall be seven days before the meeting.

Watch our meetings live through Microsoft Teams. Guidance to help people to watch the meeting is available in the document below. Although we cannot meet in the usual way, we are committed to ensuring the public have access to us – and these meetings – at this time. Please do ‘virtually’ attend or contact us through the email address above.

At the meeting on 8 July 2021, for the first time since virtual arrangements began due to the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the public shall be able to raise questions verbally, rather than the chat function be the only option. In order to replicate proceedings at a traditional face-to-face, members of the public are asked to wait until the allocated time for a questions and answers session following the conclusion of the formal meeting of the Board.

Alternatively, please submit questions related to the agenda in writing by the Monday directly before the meeting, which will be responded to at the meeting or in written form afterwards and made available on the website. Please send them to: Selccg.greenwichquestions@nhs.net.