COVID-19 Vaccination Programme in Bromley

The COVID-19 vaccination programme is well underway in Bromley and the NHS is working very hard to vaccinate eligible groups as quickly as possible.

GP practices and vaccination sites in Bromley – November 2021

Update – January 2022

Don’t let winter win. Boost your immunity and protect yourself now

Omicron is currently the dominant COVID-19 strain in England and is highly transmissible. The number of cases are rising daily and every adult in the country needs to get a Covid-19 booster vaccine as two doses will not give you enough protection. Read more here.


Your questions on the vaccine and where to get vaccinated in Bromley

Do you want to know more about the vaccine, hear from local residents and know how you can book? Click below for a summary, including useful links.

Getting your vaccine in Bromley

If you are aged 12 and over you can book your vaccine online at, call 119 or attend a walk-in clinic. There are many sites available in Bromley, including the Bromley Civic Centre, GP-led vaccinations sites and Community Pharmacies. For the latest details check our clinics page.

Doctors in Bromley are urging residents to attend their second and booster appointments. It is the very best way of getting protect and back to normal lives.

AgeFirst doseSecond doseBooster
12-15Eligible now12 weeks after first dose
(or 8 weeks if at high risk of Covid-19)
16-17Eligible now 12 weeks after first dose
(or 8 weeks if at high risk of Covid-19)
12 weeks after first dose
Over 18Eligible now 8 weeks after first dose
12 weeks after second dose

When the NHS does contact you, please attend your booked appointments.

Please continue to follow all of the guidance to control the spread of the virus and save lives.
To keep up to date with the delivery of the vaccination programme in south east London, please visit

Promoting vaccination and winter health at The Glades

During October and November Dr. Alam and Dr. Dhir provided information at The Glades in Bromley, joined by the Bromley Covid Test team. During the event residents received free copies of the Bromley Winter Health leaflet, free Covid test kits, support and information on access to services, vaccinations and how to keep well during winter.

Vaccination clinics at Keston Mosque. We have teamed up with the Al-Emaan Mosque in Keston, Bromley, to offer local residents another place to get their COVID-19 vaccination. Watch the video.

Vaccination clinics at Anerley Town Hall. On 18 March and 25 March we held two vaccination clinics in Anerley Town Hall in collaboration with Crystal Palace Community Trust. Special thanks to Jo Adusei and Elsie Sutherland for their support promoting this initiative and encouraging residents to get vaccinated. Watch the video.

COVID-19 Vaccination in Care Homesa message from staff at The Heathers Residential Home. March 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination in Care Homesa message from staff at Rowena House Care Home. April 2021

Penge Vaccination and Health Event. Staff from Oaks Park Medical Centre in Penge and other services across Bromley, held a vaccination and health event in partnership with the Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation. The vaccine and a wide range of other health checks were offered to local residents, including a Vaxi Taxi to transport any vulnerable residents to the vaccination site. Watch the video.

Working in partnership during the vaccination programme in Bromley. During April and May we run a special series of vaccination clinics in collaboration with Bromley GP Alliance and local community centres. The clinics were targeted at local residents living in parts of the borough where uptake was lower, and who were in the most vulnerable cohorts and had not yet come forward for the vaccination. We would like to thank the Cotmandene Community and Resource Centre, Mottingham Community and Learning Shop, Penge Library and The Temple United Reformed Church (St Mary Cray) staff for their support and the local community for promoting these clinics. Watch the video.

Volunteers Week 2021 1-7 June. Hear from Dr Parson, GP Lead in Bromley and Chris Evans from Community Links Bromley on the collaborative effort and the essential role of volunteers. Recorded during our public event on 10 March 2021 – See volunteers section from 20min 49sec to 31min 37sec.

Celebrating 6 months of Covid Vaccination Programme – Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre 15 June 2021 

Celebrating 6 months of Covid Vaccination Programme – Beckenham Beacon 17 June 2021 

Celebrating 6 months of Covid Vaccination Programme – Oaks Park Medical Centre Penge 

NHS Vaccine Facts – Lynne’s story (Bromley resident)