Medicines Optimisation

Medicines optimisation’s primary goal is maximising value; the value that a patient derives from their medicines and the value that the whole population experiences from the NHS’ investment in medicines (Royal Pharmaceutical Society). 

Optimal medicines use is a crucial step in both improving the quality of care and balancing the costs of healthcare. Medicines optimisation is therefore an approach to the quality use of medicines that aims to produce the best possible outcomes (Royal Pharmaceutical Society). 

Medicines optimisation differs from medicines management in a number of ways but is predominantly focussed on outcomes rather than process, patients rather than systems and is led rather than delivered by pharmacists (Royal Pharmaceutical Society). 

Our Team 

Our team, led by the Chief Pharmacist for Medicines Optimisation, comprises of highly professional and trusted pharmacists who work closely with GPs and local health providers to support high quality cost effective prescribing. We provide locally responsive pharmaceutical advice and support medicines management related strategy and policy development. We help the CCG plan effectively for the financial, service redesign and quality elements of medicines management. 

Contact Us 

If you have a medicines optimisation query contact the NHS South East London CCG switchboard using our contact form or by calling 020 8176 5330 and asking for the relevant team. ​

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