NHS Continuing Healthcare

This webpage is no longer being updated. The latest Continuing Healthcare information has now moved to www.selondonics.org

Bexley’s Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Team is based at Bexley Civic Offices and the team consists of Nurses and administration staff. The main responsibilities of the team are:

  • organising and completing NHS CHC checklists and assessments
  • receiving and agreeing fast track referrals
  • agreeing and funding Funded Nursing Care (FNC)
  • organising and commissioning home care packages, nursing home placements and Personal Healthcare Budgets for those that are eligible for NHS CHC
  • reviewing that NHS CHC patients’ care is of a good quality and whether patients continue to be eligible for NHS CHC

The appeals process

Following a NHS CHC assessment the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) will make a recommendation on whether a patient is eligible for NHS CHC or not.  This recommendation will then be ratified, and the patient will be sent a letter outlining whether they have been agreed to be eligible for NHS CHC or not.  If NHS CHC has not been agreed the letter will explain why and outline the Local Resolution/appeals process which is that the patient/next of kin should contact Bexley’s CHC team within 6 months of the letter outlining that they wish to appeal the decision and ask for a review of their case.

A local resolution meeting will then be arranged with the patient/next of kin having the opportunity to discuss why they feel that NHS CHC is applicable.  A letter will be sent to the patient/next of kin following the meeting and will include the next stage in the appeals process which is to contact NHS England. Once the local review stage has been completed, the CCG  will provide you with information on how to request an ‘independent review’ from NHS England which is the organisation responsible for the ‘Independent Review Process’.