Expenses policy

The CCG is committed to working together with patients and the public to improve the health of people living in south east London.

We know that local people give up their time to take part in CCG engagement activities and may incur costs. We want to ensure that no-one is left out of pocket through taking part in the work of the CCG.

This policy sets some guiding principles and practice around reimbursing out of pocket expenses for public members.

Some of the expenses covered within this policy include:

  • Public transport cost e.g., bus, tube, train
  • Carer and childcare costs
  • Mileage cost for cars and motorcycles
  • Office supplies, including broadband and printing

This policy applies to individuals, including patients, carers and members of the public, who help the CCG with our work.

You can read the full policy and use the claim form to submit a claim.

Completed claims forms should be sent via email to your contact within the CCG, who will authorise your claim.

Please contact the engagement team on  selccg.engagement@nhs.net if you have any question.