Developing our engagement approach

There will be many ways in which you can get involved in our work. This can range from answering surveys, giving your views, joining focus groups and workshops and attending our meetings. We want to ensure that anyone who is interested can get involved in some way.

We discussed our outline approach to engagement at a number of patient meetings in south east London during January to March 2020. You can read the report of the findings from these discussion here.

The CCG invited local people who had been part of these discussions to work with us over the summer in developing our approach to engagement. We set up four task and finish groups:

  • Engagement Assurance Committee
  • Digital engagement
  • Non digital engagement
  • Covid-19 impact

Members of the Engagement Assurance Committee task and finish group have worked with the CCG to a draft terms of reference for the committee and a role outline for public members. There is more information about the committee and recruitment to the public roles here.  The committee has been set up and you can read more about it here

The other task and finish groups have produced their reports and these were amalgamated into one report which was presented, discussed and approved the first meeting of the Engagement Assurance Committee. You can read the full report of the work of and recommendations from the task and finish groups here.

The principles for engagement were developed jointly by members of the digital and non-digital engagement task and finish groups and agreed at the Governing Body meeting in September 2020 in order to inform our engagement work in a timely way.

An evaluation of the task and finish group process was carried out with participants and you can read the report here.