Get involved

Over the last two years, predecessor CCGs in south east London boroughs received national recognition for the quality of engagement they undertook with local people. Engagement with patients, their families and the public enables us to make decisions underpinned by a clear understanding of patients and carers experience, public views, concerns and aspirations.  Understanding people’s experience of health services is vital to helping us improve experiences for them and other patients.

Our aim is to build on the good work happening in our boroughs already where that reflects the way people use services, or where effective planning of clinical care requires this approach. We will base our engagement activities on evidence of what works well, and national best practice. We will continue to involve local people at neighbourhood and borough levels. There will be occasions when we need to engage with people across borough boundaries and sometimes across south east London.

We will continue to plan our approach to reach out to people and communities so they can be involved in a consistent way.  We are committed to address the inequalities and barriers to participation and involvement of seldom heard groups in south east London – including young people, those yet to develop health conditions, people from our LGBTQI+ communities, those living in areas of deprivation within our boroughs and people from black and minority ethnic communities.

To support our engagement with local people and ensure that we hear from all communities across our boroughs in our decision-making, especially those whose voice is seldom-heard, the CCG has established an engagement assurance committee. The committee will agree the CCG’s engagement approach with local communities and partners.  It will also monitor the annual engagement work plan, (which will directly support delivery of the CCG’s annual business plan) and ensure there is meaningful and genuine involvement that contributes to improvements that benefit many more people. This committee will report directly into the Governing Body, where leadership roles for this agenda also sits.  

Crucial to delivering effective and meaningful engagement, will be our ability to demonstrate how people’s feedback and comments are used to inform the decisions made by the CCG to improve patient outcomes. We commit to making this part of the way we operate, and will seek to review the impact that new services and initiatives have on the health and wellbeing of our communities.