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COVID-19 clinical support

The current category is Managing Co-morbidities during Covid-19 pandemic

Women’s health

Abnormal uterine bleeding

Guidance on management of abnormal uterine bleeding during COVID-19 pandemic including: Heavy bleeding, Intermenstrual bleeding, Postmenopausal bleeding and Post coital bleeding

Cervical Screening

Gynaecological cancer

Pregnancy & breast-feeding

RCOG advice: All available evidence suggests that pregnant women are at no greater risk of becoming seriously unwell than other healthy adults if they develop coronavirus. The large majority of pregnant women experience only mild or moderate symptoms.

Reproductive health

GSTT Early Pregnancy and Acute Gynaecology Unit – new email address

A new nhs.net generic e-mail for the Early Pregnancy and Acute Gynaecology Unit has been created: gst-tr.epagu@nhs.net 

This email address is mainly for communication between EPAGU and GPs, and for patients to forward private scan reports to EPAGU when asked to do so.  If a GP, specialist nurse, would like to forward more details then they should use this email