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COVID-19 clinical support

The current category is Managing Co-morbidities during Covid-19 pandemic



Diagnosis and assessment

Patient resources

Asthma & COPD

It is important during the COVID pandemic to continue to seek advice and possible referral for patients with complex asthma, and refer to A&E for severe acute, or life threatening asthma exacerbations.

Continue preventers- there is no data showing ICS increase Covid risks. For COPD exacerbation, carefully consider risk/benefits of oral steroids.

Inhaled medicines

Please see Medications section for general advice on medications. Use www.rightbreathe.com as your resource for the following:

  • For information on alternative inhaled medications in the light of inhaler shortages
  • To work out equivalent steroid doses when changing inhaled steroids
  • Provide links to inhaler technique videos to patients that need to be commenced on a different inhaler device but cannot be seen f2f for training

Interstitial lung disease