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Post-Covid Syndrome (‘Long Covid’)

Key links

Caring for yourself after coronavirus (COVID-19) booklet from KCH/GSTT (also available in Spanish and Portuguese) – produced February 2021

Practical advice for patients on post-viral fatigue folowing Covid-19 from the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

Southwark Long-Covid pathway (updated on 29 April 2021) A guide for Southwark General Practice for managing post-acute Covid infection.

A booklet for patients on managing post-viral fatigue folowing Covid-19 from Kings College London

Nice rapid guideline on managing the long-term effects of COVID-19

BMJ Article with helpful guidance on returning to physical activity after covid-19 infection

Returning to Work

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has produced guidance on Post-COVID syndrome for patients to support them to return to work and for employers to support their employees back to work. This link can be given to patients to pass to their employers. It can also be used by practices to support their own workforce.

Specialist post-COVID syndrome assessment clinics are to be delivered by King’s Health
Partners in SEL. As directed by NHS England & NHS Improvement, these clinics are
specifically assessing patients who are experiencing signs and symptoms following an
infection consistent with Covid-19, that have continued after more than 12 weeks and are
not explained by an alternative diagnosis.

As demand created by the second wave of the pandemic reduces, the clinics will be open
for referrals and assessment using a phased approach:
• King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill / Tessa Jowell Health Centre clinics now open
for referrals
• GSTT, St Thomas’ clinic will open Friday, 1 April
• King’s PRUH clinics, date to be confirmed

Clinics can be found on eRS as ‘post-COVID assessment clinic’ and have been split into
either respiratory or neurological symptoms. Referrals will be triaged by the receiving Trust and will be redirected by said Trust if required.

Referrals should be directed to clinics depending on predominant symptoms as indicated
• Post-COVID respiratory assessment clinic: patients with ongoing
significant respiratory symptoms lasting more than three months from either proven
or clinically suspected Coronavirus infections.
• Post-COVID neurology/neuropsychiatry assessment clinic: patients with ongoing
significant neurologic and neuropsychiatric symptoms, such as headache, dizziness,
memory or cognitive difficulties and/or significant constitutional symptoms (fatigue,
lethargy and body aches) lasting more than three months from either proven or
clinically suspected Coronavirus infections.

To find the service on eRS, GPs can use the following criteria:
Speciality: Respiratory
Clinic Type: Not otherwise specified
Location: Kings @Tessa Jowell Centre
Service Name: Post-COVID respiratory assessment @ TJHC (for King’s College Hospital
– RJZ)

Speciality: Neurology
Clinic Type: Not otherwise specified
Location: Denmark Hill King’s College Hospital
Service Name: Post-COVID neurology/neuropsychiatry assessment clinics @ DH (for
King’s College Hospital – RJZ)

The respiratory post COVID clinic ceased on the 9th July. If you are concerned about patients with significant respiratory symptoms following suspected or proven COVID infection, we will see referrals in our respiratory medicine clinics (Lambeth and Southwark only). Please include the following information in your referral:

  • CXR report 
  • COVID result if available (swab or antibody test) 
  • Details of any previous ED or hospital attendance 
  • Blood test results 
  • Baseline observations (resting and ambulatory HR, oxygen saturation) 

Please ensure that prior to identifying patients for assessment in the specialist clinics, all the relevant referral information and investigations (bloods, CXR etc) are complete to prevent rejected referrals or missed diagnoses.

GPs can also direct patients to https://www.yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk/ for general support and information.

Resources for Practices

Guidance on return to work for people with long COVID

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has published guidance for healthcare professionals to assist them in facilitating the return to work of people who are unable to work due to long COVID.

Post COVID-19 rehabilitation based services pathway (GSTT)

The Post COVID-19 rehabilitation based services pathway has been produced to support clinicians in the referral and management of patients recovering from COVID-19 to rehabilitation services at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

It includes a directory of services that are provided by hospital site based out-patient services (remote or face to face) and community based community teams.

Download the document here.

GSTT: Critical illness recovery service. The service provides a critical illness recovery multidisciplinary (MDT) outpatient clinic primarily for patients discharged from GSTT intensive care unit.