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COVID-19 clinical support

The current category is COVID-19 General

Palliative care/ symptom control

Advance Care Planning – see Pro-active care for at risk patients

Guidance of death and certification – see the resources section.


Patient/family resources

Clinical resources, including borough-specific

Palliative Care Medicines

Resources from the NHS England Hosted Pan- London MAAR chart Webinar

Information for Community Pharmacies:


St Christopher’s: open to referrals as usual for both their community offer and inpatient unit. Accepting referrals 7 days a week and continue to accept Covid+ patients. Please refer in the usual way by calling 020 8768 4500 (24 hrs a day) or email a referral form.


Compression only CPR with patients mouth and nose covered in cloth. Safe to use defibrillator.

  • SEL CAG have produced a Statement of Best Practice covering documentation of DNACPR (do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation) decisions in out of hospital settings.  
  • DNACPR form . Also available when you complete a CMC update – see Advance care planning for CMC details