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COVID-19 clinical support

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Vulnerable groups

Safer Surgeries Toolkit

This toolkit is a resource for general practices who want to provide a welcoming environment for everyone in their community and an equitable service for all of their patients. It has been developed by Doctors of the World (DoTW) UK with the aim of addressing the particular barriers to primary care faced by migrants in vulnerable circumstances, including refugees, people with no fixed abode and survivors of trafficking. This is in line with CQC guidance on registration and treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants.

Safe Surgeries Toolkit For COVID-19 Response

The toolkit outlines eight steps primary care staff can take to support patients living in vulnerable circumstances realise their right to healthcare, get the most out of their General Practice, and access the information they need to keep safe in a COVID-19 context.


Helping the homeless access healthcare: Groundswell, who help the homeless in London and other parts of the UK, have asked us to share information about ‘My Right to Healthcare,’ a new project aimed at making it easier for homeless people to register with a GP and access primary care services. 

The charity says their research shows that as result of Covid-19 many people experiencing homelessness have found it difficult to see a GP.  If you’d like to find out about ‘My Right to Healthcare’ click here

Migrant groups

Translated Coronavirus Advice

Coronavirus advice translated into 60 different languages is available via Doctors of the World

The South Asian Health Foundation provides translated health advice including about coronavirus and vaccines in many south Asian languages.


The RCGP Resource Hub has a page with advice on safeguarding and vulnerable groups

Updated RCGP Guidance on Recording Domestic Abuse in the medical record (Updated 25th January 2021)