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Infection Control

Infection Prevention and Control guidance

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Highlights Quick Reference Guide sets out highlights of the updated infection prevention and control advice for health and care organisations as the UK moves to remobilise health and care services. This applies to all health and care settings (excluding adult social care), including the independent sector and supersedes all existing COVID-19 guidance.

  • Latest guidance on infection prevention and control for COVID-19 available here. Sustained community transmission is continuing to occur across the UK

Best practice for hand rub poster

Best practice for hand washing poster

Primary care infection and prevention guidance: Staff across the NHS, including GP practices, have been applying the latest infection and prevention guidance from Public Health England (updated on 20th October). While this is vital in patient-facing situations, we all also need to continue practising social distancing in other parts of our daily work, especially around meetings and breaks. Finding ways to maintain good infection prevention in these settings is equally important, helping to protect ourselves and our colleagues from contracting the virus.