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COVID-19 clinical support

The current category is Further resources


EMIS templates covering ‘GP remote consultations’ and ‘Proactive Care’ are now available across Southwark.   Please contact your local GP Federation if you require any support in accessing these.

EMIS Now contains a wealth of information and support around using EMIS during Covid (free Signup required: https://www.emisnow.com/csm)

Quarterly EMIS user group for Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark
• Encouraging collaboration and shared learning
• Opportunity to highlight issues along with the corresponding EMIS log number, so this
can be shared with EMIS prior to each meeting
• All meetings will run 12pm-1:30pm
• Future meeting dates for your diary:
o 09/03/2021
o 08/06/2021
o 07/09/2021
o 30/11/2021
To sign up for EMIS user group, please contact Jannat Khan, GP IT Facilitator, NEL (e-mail address in GP Bulletin 12th November 2020)