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COVID-19 clinical support

The current category is Managing Co-morbidities during Covid-19 pandemic


General information

  • Southwark CES Diabetes Guide for managing T2DM in Covid-19 pandemic: helpful for pro-active care optimising management. Use in conjunction with LTC management guide
  • Primary Care Diabetes Society has a Covid-19 resource centre (login required)
  • Diabetes structured education still going strong whilst all face to face courses have had to be cancelled, on-line and telephone supported courses are now available across south east London via clinician or self-referral. There is plenty of capacity on all options so please continue to refer. Read more
  • Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (login required) – aimed at supporting staff providing first-line advice and support to people living with all types of diabetes during COVID-19
  • The Lambeth Diabetes Intermediate Care Team delivered a webinar for Lambeth Borough colleagues in October on the challenges of managing obesity and type 2 diabetes and SGLT-2 inhibitors – preventing cardiovascular and renal disease. Click here to watch
  • UCL Partners have developed searches and a resource pack for stratifying patients with type 2 diabetes available on their CVD resources page.

London COVID-19 dexamethasone and hyperglycaemia: diabetes de-escalation
guidance was published 20th January 2021 providing guidance on supporting patients who have been discharged following a course of dexamethasone for treatment of COVID-19 in hospital.

Patient information

NEW (8 Jan 2021) Clinical Risk stratification guidance

  • COVID-19 Risk stratification pathways to support primary care and people with Diabetes- Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD) Risk Stratification and High Risk Foot Disease Pro-active Management – covering letter

Sick Day Rules Information Sheets

London Clinical Networks Diabetes COVID-19 key Information includes insulin management when unwell and patient information

Clinical information

Diabetic Eye Screening

Update for on the SEL Diabetic Eye Screening Programme during covid pandemic (public information). Due to the pandemic, eye-screening had been halted.

SE London programme re-started routine screening clinics in July. A service update was published on 3 November.

PH England have issued guidance stating programmes can postpone screening for patients who attended after March 2019 and had a normal result for up to 1 year. This means that a large number of patients will have their next screening appointment up to 2 years from their last appointment.  If patients are anxious about this they can contact us. This guidance is based on evidence that patients in this group have a very low risk of developing sight threatening disease.

The following patient groups will not be postponed and are being invited now:

· Pregnant patients due for a first or 28-week screen
· Patients in the digital surveillance pathway (e.g. those with early maculopathy)
· Patients whose last screening results was R1M0 (background diabetic retinopathy)
· New patients (newly diagnosed or newly moved into the area)
· Patients who we could not get clear images for, who need a slit lamp appointment to assess their eyes
· Patients who did not attend their last screening appointment