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The current category is Managing Co-morbidities during Covid-19 pandemic


Diabetes advice during Ramadan is available in a temporary separate ‘Ramadan’ tab

General information

  • CES Diabetes Guidefor general practice diabetes management: helpful for pro-active care optimising management.
  • Diabetes structured education still going strong whilst all face to face courses have had to be cancelled, on-line and telephone supported courses are now available across south east London via clinician or self-referral. There is plenty of capacity on all options so please continue to refer. Read more
  • Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme – aimed at supporting staff providing first-line advice and support to people living with all types of diabetes during COVID-19

Patient information

Clinical information

Diabetic Eye Screening

SE London programme re-started routine screening clinics on 6th July and are currently inviting patients based on their risk of developing diabetic eye disease, and only have a limited number of screening venues which we are able to use.

PH England have issued guidance stating programmes can postpone screening for patients who attended after March 2019 and had a normal result for up to 1 year. This means that a large number of patients will have their next screening appointment up to 2 years from their last appointment.  If patients are anxious about this they can contact us. This guidance is based on evidence that patients in this group have a very low risk of developing sight threatening disease.

The following patient groups will not be postponed and are being invited now:

· Pregnant patients due for a first or 28-week screen
· Patients in the digital surveillance pathway (e.g. those with early maculopathy)
· Patients whose last screening results was R1M0 (background diabetic retinopathy)
· New patients (newly diagnosed or newly moved into the area)
· Patients who we could not get clear images for, who need a slit lamp appointment to assess their eyes
· Patients who did not attend their last screening appointment