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Clinical Effectiveness (CESEL)

Clinical Effectiveness South East London (CESEL) provide a systematic evidence-based approach to quality improvement across south east London general practice, to help to improve health outcomes and reduce variation and inequalities for our local population.

As a collaborative endeavour across the ICS, CESEL provides population health capability, ensuring front line staff have the tools and resources to provide best-practice care.

The short film below describes how CESEL can support your practice.

NEW (February 2024): CESEL would be grateful if colleagues could complete a short survey to help improve and shape the support offer

CESEL Guides


A short ‘talking head’ to help staff to navigate the CESEL Asthma Guide

Atrial Fibrillation

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

A short ‘talking head‘ to help general practice teams to diagnose CKD and navigate the CESEL CKD Guide

Talking head’ (part 2) to help general practice teams to treat CKD


A short patient support film for practices to share with patients with Type 2 diabetes, reminding them why the 8 care processes are so important.


Funding is available to PCNs to enhance improvements in their work around hypertension (November 2023)


Depression and Anxiety


Heart Failure

CESEL Visits

To arrange a visit to your practice or PCN please contact us on clinicaleffectiveness@selondonics.nhs.uk.

We are always looking to learn and improve from your feedback. If you have had a CESEL visit, please let us know how we have done by completing this short questionnaire


Listed below are webinars delivered by the team, since CESEL was mobilised in 2021 (listed chronologically):


CESEL report (November 2022)

The report captures the activities, outputs, successes and challenges in CESEL’s first 18 months.

Community Pharmacy Blood Pressure Check Service (update June 2022)

People can now have a blood pressure (BP) check in local pharmacies.  The service is available to anyone over the age of 40, with or without a confirmed diagnosis of high BP, and can also be offered to under 40’s if the pharmacist thinks it is needed.  GP teams are also able to refer to the community pharmacy for BP checks and ambulatory BP readings.

See the Community Pharmacy Blood pressure check service page for more details and the list of participating pharmacists in your area, which maps pharmacist participation.

Innovations and Projects

Pathfinder: STOP BP London

CESEL led one of four One London Pathfinder projects in 2022, working with SE, NE and NW London partners, to develop data shared learning to improve hypertension care. Outputs from the project, are listed below:

  • Poster summarising the results and conclusions from the project

To find out more about any of the content included on this page, please contact clinicaleffectiveness@selondonics.nhs.uk