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COVID-19 clinical support

The current category is Managing Co-morbidities during Covid-19 pandemic

Children and young people

CYP – Safeguarding: see Safeguarding section


Important message from Paediatrics: Clinicians are urged to continue to discuss/ refer urgent paediatric cases as you would normally.

  • Advice from Great Ormond Street – Advice from individual departments for specific conditions. Very few children develop severe infections with COVID-19 – whether they are immunocompromised or not. Continue any regular medication unless your doctor advises otherwise.

Childhood immunisations

Guidance on delivering childhood immunisations during COVID-19. NHSE/I (London Region) has provided a patient guidance leaflet (below) which can be sent to  patients when you call them into practice.  Also provided is the pack that Conecting4Health developed to support practices in delivering childhood immunisations. If you have any queries regarding this information please contact england.londonimms@nhs.net

Patient/ family information

Paediatric Intensive Care

Asthma management during COVID – See Respiratory section. Also refer to CES Asthma Guide



Health visiting

  • This standard operating procedure outlines the responsibilities of health visiting staff for the delivery of the services, including the 5 mandated contacts, and managing current caseloads which will include families with safeguarding concerns and those with vulnerabilities, during the COVID-19 pandemic.