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COVID-19 clinical support

The current category is Disease Specific Resources

Children and young people

CYP – Safeguarding: see Safeguarding section


Febrile Children

  • RCGP top tips for assessing febrile children (September 2020)
  • FAQs from East London Health and Care Partnership on Assessing Febrile Children
  • GP Paeds Tips Blog – a volunteer run blog of paediatric tips for GPs, run by a paediatrician at Sheffield Childrens’ Hospital
  • Healthier Together – a website for GPs and Primary Care Staff with easy to use clinical pathways for common conditions in children using remote assessment (primarily Wessex based, therefore some of the clinical pathways may be more relevant to the Wessex area)
  • Vital sign ranges for children and young people

PICS/Hyperinflammatory Syndrome

Referrals to a school nursing covid-19 wellbeing clinic can now be made via a revised referral form (see referral criteria below)

  • C&YP/parent has concerns related to COVID-19 that will impact on the child attending school.
  • C&YP/parent has concerns related to COVID-19 that impact on undertaking activities of daily living.
  • C&YP has expressed worries/anxieties related to COVID-19 impacting on emotional regulation.

Clinics are held every Wednesday afternoon. Clients will be sent a text with a time to expect a telephone call. If referrals exceed clinic capacity, the referrer will be informed by email, and a letter will be sent to the client with details of the School Nurse texting service for the client to make contact with the service by text

Patient/ family information

Asthma management during COVID – See Respiratory section. Also refer to CES Asthma Guide



Health visiting

  • This standard operating procedure outlines the responsibilities of health visiting staff for the delivery of the services, including the 5 mandated contacts, and managing current caseloads which will include families with safeguarding concerns and those with vulnerabilities, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

School absence notes

Following joint work by the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for Education (DfE), School Reopening Guidance issued by DfE on 22 February has reminded schools they should not encourage parents to request unnecessary medical evidence i.e. doctors’ notes from their GP when their child is absent from school due to illness (p33). If evidence is required, it can take the form of prescriptions, appointment cards, text/email appointment confirmations etc. Input from GPs should only be sought where there are complex health needs/persistent absence issues.

This guidance also confirms the procedure for clinically extremely vulnerable children, and for those absent from school due to COVID-19 and self-isolation.