Governing Body Meetings and Papers

NHS South East London CCG values public views on health care across its six boroughs ​and is committed to transparency in all areas of our Governance. 

Meetings of the Governing Body are held in public every two months. There is dedicated time to enable members of the public to ask questions before and after each meeting.   

Due to Government advice, we are not currently able to hold our Governing Body meetings in public. However, you can still:

  1. Submit questions related to the agenda in writing which will be responded to at the meeting or in written form afterwards and made available on the website. Please send them to: or complete this form. Please submit any questions for the next meeting by 10am on the Monday immediately preceding the date of the meeting. Any questions asked after this time may not be answered until after the Governing Body meeting.
  2. Watch our meetings live through Microsoft Teams. There will also be the ability to ask questions during the live event. Guidance to help people to watch the meeting is available here or in the document below.

Although we cannot meet in the usual way, we are committed to ensuring the public still feel they have access to us – and these meetings – at this time. Please do ‘virtually’ attend or contact us through the email address above.