Our Governing Body

NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a membership organisation made up of all the GP practices across south east London. Those member practices have agreed a constitution for the CCG and operate as a Council of Members.  

The CCG has a Governing Body which operates on behalf of the member practices. The Governing Body includes clinical, lay and executive members working together in a multi-disciplinary leadership team. Their combined experience ensures that clinical expertise is at heart of what we do.  

The governing body GP members also have roles supporting their local borough-based boards which will increasingly work across health and social care. Each of these boards has a Place Based director who is a voting member of the governing body.

The Bexley Borough Based Director is being recruited. Interim leadership arrangements have been established.

The governing body has representation from Healthwatch, the Local Medical Committee (LMC) and public health. Importantly our CCG executive directors will attend and support the governing body meetings.

The register of interests for governing body members and CCG executive directors can be viewed here.

Voting members of our Governing Body are as follows: 

Board members

Joy Ellery

Lay member – patient and public involvement, lead for equalities and engagement

Dr Angela Bhan

Place Based Director, Bromley (joint appointment with the council)

Andrew Eyres

Strategic Director Integrated Health and Care, Lambeth (joint appointment with the council)

Martin Wilkinson

Director of Integrated Care and Commissioning, Lewisham (joint appointment with the council)

Stuart Rowbotham

Place Based Director, Bexley (Joint appointment with the council)

Governing Body attendees

Executive Directors

The following Executive Directors are in attendance at the Governing Body meetings. ​