Borough-Based Boards

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Following the increased prevalence of Covid-19 infections resulting in an additional pressure on the NHS, the CCG has made some decisions around its governance arrangements to enable staff time to be released to directly support front line delivery of services.

The decision has been made to stand down the majority of the CCGs governance meetings, including our local Borough Based Boards, which meet in public every other month. These decisions will be reviewed on a regular basis.

South East London CCG has six borough-based boards, each with clinical and executive leadership to deliver the CCG’s plans at a local level.

As well as a borough-based director, and governing body GP members, each borough-based board includes local authority and lay members, and works with a wider range of partners through a local care partnership.

Local care partnerships bring together partners from across the borough health and care system to plan and provide integrated services which focus on the health and wellbeing of the local population. 

Borough-based boards are prime committees of the South East London CCG’s Governing Body with delegated responsibility to commission local services as part of our overall commissioning plans.  

This includes:

  • Primary care 
  • Community services 
  • Medicines optimisation related to community based care 
  • Continuing healthcare 

Borough-based boards meet regularly throughout the year and hold meetings in public six times a year. Local people are welcome to attend any of the meetings in public.

For more information, please visit the borough pages below.